Things on the Move

First off, Welcome to Aetherial Labs. This group and the projects we’re working on have long been something I’ve wanted to do. Minecraft placed a bug in me to learn how to code, or at least learn enough to mod Minecraft, and use this game platform to create the game experience I’ve been looking for. Finally, 10 years after this bug first bit, I’m in the middle of producing a mod. When I say “producing” I mean it’s come far enough that some of the more complex elements are presently in place and development of the rest is heavily underway.

We’ve run into our share of problems along the way, with one of us being an experienced programmer who is new to Minecraft, and the other two coming in with various levels of knowledge but nothing that could be called true skill. Gogtabi has been working hard to guide the way, teaching those less experienced all that he knows and can glean from Minecraft while we, in turn, inspire him with new ideas and explain what we know of how Minecraft works.

Where are we now?

The Firepit, once considered done, is undergoing minor revisions along the way as we optimize the code for use with configurations, and in response to our suite of fire starting tools, including the ember bundle, fire drill, fire bow, flint & steel (our own custom version), and matches. When torches are lit they also can be used to start other ignitables.

There’s a long way to go, and more systems to refine along the way but at the rate we’re going Against The Darkness will be out sooner than later. Keep an eye out! You can also follow us on Patreon to get updates or even contribute to our efforts.

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