The Hæleþ Song at the Dusk of the World

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World 11 is coming to a close and, as is common during the dying of the world, we have returned to refresh our minds, our skills, and our passions for the rebirth that is to come.

The fallen leader emerges from his slumber, raising the bonfire to cast light into the night of a dying world. As the wood crackles, he begins singing the song of old, and the people of our land stir in their slumber in response to its ancient words.

First rose the hunter, bow in hand, light in the eye, arrows quivered. Her feet ache for the soft loamy soil of strange and distant woods, her ears for the subtle crunch of leaves beneath prey soon to fill her belly.

The cook hears the ancient song, and her memory overflows with the smell of roasting meat, rising steam, and feasts shared among kith and kin. Her knives will be sharpened, her pans seasoned, and her cauldron stoked to feed a new generation of hearthlings.

The tailor counts his stitches, each a beat in the song and a hem sewn in magic known only to his kind. His ancient hymn empowers the young and old alike, bringing out greater strengths than they ever knew they held.

The quiet arborist rises from a pile of leaves like a sprout bursting forth in spring. Long has he slumbered in the soil as one of his seeds, waiting out the long winter for the time when kilns burned, smelters fire, and ovens bake all in time to the fruits of his labor.

In caverns deep, buried in a pile of black broken earth, two embers awoke to the distant thrumming of the tune. Soot-stained and calloused, the smith rises and sets flame to coal, awakening the hungry mouth of the forge. A careworn hammer rings against iron, adding its voice to the song.

As the voices rise together in song, others come. Some are ancient faces thought lost to time, summoned back at the end of things, while others are eager faces awaiting the birth of the next Sun and a fresh new world.

The hearthlands are calling, and the children have been called home. They stand side by side at the death of all things, waiting to greet the first dazzling rays of the new world’s first dawn.

Worms, Mountains and Jorb! – Day 11 and 12

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In this chapter of Alainn Broc, Lunaruis informed Jorb of a glitch found in our nearby cave.

Kiting Bears and Making Farms – Day 9 and 10

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We managed to kill our first bear! We got the mine kilns working, our farms all nice and pretty, got our clay pit secured (as we can), and helped our neighbors get one of their dead bodies to our graveyard site!

Through the Boars and Leaves – Day 7 and 8

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We managed to meet our neighbors and get some heartleaves! Also, Alchist, our friend from last world, was finally able to join us!

Fumbles and Wobbles – Day 6

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So life in Haven has truly started to show its cruel, merciless face. Austin lost this coal, which took over 40 hours to complete, after causing a cave in. Injured and sad, he at least tried to keep up good spirits. Either way, keep trying!

Other than that, the day has been pretty successful and active. We decided to put a personal claim around the blood tree (still don’t know what it does) and make a burial site for any dead characters we will have in the future (because with this game, you’re expected to die)

Loup (or Jackson) also sent off a bark boat out into the sea as a kind of ritual for our village. A nice tradition, I must say.

We also created an altar for our village. It’s glorious! Hence, as per usual, the hunting has begun, the discoveries are being made, and new people are coming around full-circle into our area!

He’s a big pig, you can be a big pig too! Oy!!

We also met Bob Ross today! What a legend!

Quote of the Day:

“The last time I saw pussy it wrecked my life!!” – Lunarius, getting chased by a Lynx

Blood for the Blood God! Face Fuck a Boar!- Day 4 and 5

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Hello! While yesterday wasn’t as eventful, today we have made excellent progress! For one, we finally have metal, thanks to Austin!

Secondly, the hunting of the big bad boar has finally begun. Although for many it would be considered a slow night, getting a handle on some of the differences in the combat system all brings good insight in the end. The more food that’s brought in, the more the miners, cooks, foragers, and farmers can work!

Today, while hunting some boar around the village, Lunaruis, Kahryl (Old Greg), and I were gang-fighting the boar…and it almost killed Avalon. Whoops!

Nevertheless, things still look like they’re going well. We’re still looking to manage the island, and while we discovered a small camp up North, we left them a nice runestone to see if they would like to join us!

Quote of the Day:

That’s not fucking cherry – Austin , drinking cough syrup

P.S – We got fancy shields!!

The Tale of the Running Newb – Day 3

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So to best summarize our day:

  1. We ended up losing Ages today. Mostly due to how… suspicious the person made us feel. I would say that her persona was interesting, and whether or not she was real enough that we could trust her was all mixed in with the gray areas that life is. A cute voice, an almost too beautiful face, her unwillingness to speak in the voice chat (helps determine trustworthiness in this case), and her Instagram account which we all ended up finding after she stated she doesn’t like posting pictures of herself…in the end, we all don’t know if she was actually real, or someone just trying to slowly invade and gank us. Either way, it’s no biggie.
  2. Austin, Greg, and I fought and killed bats. We will have bat caps and bat meat!
  3. We began our journey towards our fenced-in village. We are now just waiting on leather to finish to build the palisade (PS – the preparation last night went well despite the lack of sleep).
  4. We have possibly convinced our alliance village members to join our village. We’ve been getting along pretty well. Plus, it adds more conversation to the discord channel!
  5. Lunarius had a fun time chasing around a newbie. The newbie saw him, marked him red, and kept running away by either hearthing back to his camp or just swimming away… we just wanted to talk to him. LOL.
  6. Also, we saw wolves around our village!

So, on weekdays we will give small updates on our daily progress, while weekends will provide longer descriptions of the events in Haven. Some of us will have work to do and some of us won’t be able to play. We’ll just see how everything goes from here on out. But so far, everything is looking solid.

UPDATE: Newb tried to destroy our ovens. Apparently, his stuff got messed with. He thought it was us. All Lunarius did was leave a rune stone saying “Hey, we should hang out and get to know each other!” After we stopped him, and explained our situation, he decided to leave the island because he was too confused and worried about getting ganked. Nevertheless, the newb was the highlight of the night.

2nd Day of Haven and Hearth – Oh F*ck

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Our village began at a slow grind. From what I can account, everybody has been busy little bees working our asses off to try and get our village the way we want to. A slow build up of stats and LP kind of made us want to…do things. Since we are a small team, some of us decided to bring in some excitement about halfway through the day.

That’s right, Lunarius and I (Boudicca) fought a boar and killed it. We got a bit too enthusiastic however, as after we killed the second boar, the third one knocked us both out, causing him to lose the second boar. So, after it defeated my fighting spirit for a bit, we decided to venture out and see what the surrounding areas were like and invite people to our Discord.

After searching around the are, Lunarius invited some of the people we met yesterday, now our new neighbors, over into the chat. Two out of the three joined us – Arthur and Tiny Rick joined. From there, a bit of chaos ensued as each of us shared what we were doing throughout the day.

Tiny Rick’s character died from Yarrow. YARROW: A flower that’s supposed to heal you. Apparently he was so low on health that because yarrow takes a hit point away in order to heal… he got killed by yarrow.

This was also the day that we met Agus, a shy kitty girl who’s now a new member of our village!

So, aside from killing another boar, those who are still up are currently setting up supplies for a palisade wall. We’re attempting to take claim of most of the island/continent we have. According to a friend of ours, if we don’t have a palisade that’s claimed, we’re not safe. So… Suvi, Lunarius and I are pretty much staying up as long as we can to get this prepped and done.

Wish us luck! (We might die by the end of this weekend)

The Day the World Ended -And Began Anew

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At 2:00, the world ended. Trolls had previously roamed the wilderness, destroying everything in its path. Eat it, Drink it, Burn it Night. Then World 12 began anew on Feburary 1st at 2:45 pm, gloriously, with a new record of 1,500 players on the server and … our creators hogging all the fun in the beginning and multiple server crashes along the way.

“There are 2 hearthlings playing. Among these, there are and 2 from Sweden. Those fuckers.” – Old Greg

“This page isn’t working didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”

Hence, after a bit of a struggle at first, we began our journey to our new home. What do we look for first among all other things? The ocean, the salty brime, jetted out by a pennisula we can call home.

Look at all those vast tracks of land
Setting up Beacons

Our village heraldry – “Alainn Broc”

So once we decided that the whole peninsula was going to start our new village, we rushed ahead, foraging, gaining LP, boosting stats, and just…figuring things out as we go along, even though many of us are experienced hearthlings.

Here are some of the highlights of our first day:

The First Day of World 12 has passed!
We only found out later that one of our members, Doc, decided to make his own place in the area.

“You’re like reverse locusts!” – Old Greg This was when everyone kept filling up the crates so much that he couldn’t keep up.

Mushroom caps!
A Roaming Dryad

A few hours into the game, we encountered our first hearthlings outside of our group. The first one ran away, so not much there. The others… apparently had escape what was South of us.

Douche Canoe!
We made a boat that couldn’t float. (Needed Tar)

Then, at 3:18 am on February 2nd, our village became secure. From the looks of things, we’ve had a decent start. Now, for us as a small community, the real test begins.